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Last Update 2018-10-29

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NOLA Cupcakes' philosophy is simple: we aim to please. By freshly baking our gourmet cupcakes daily using only the best ingredients, we guarantee a delicious and uplifting experience for each customer. By being socially responsible, we do our best to help develop our communities in a partnership with respected charities and non-profit organizations. We believe these activities go hand in hand to give Cairo the best of life's little pleasures..


  • Flat and clear path to front door (Not slippery or broken or obstacles on the way).
  • Entrance doors' width allows wheelchair users to pass.
  • There are stairs to the entrance, and there are neither ramps nor elevators as alternatives.
  • There is a ramp available at the pavement leading to the venue.
  • Pavement height is less than 15cm.
  • There are no handrails available at the entrance.
  • There is a clear access to service(s) inside the place for wheelchair users.
  • The service is available at the ground floor of the venue.
  • The service is not available at more than one floor in the venue.
  • There are ramps or elevators as an alternative to stairs to reach the services.
  • There is no an elevator to reach the service in the venue.
  • Street Parking Spaces Available (Around 100 m walking distance to the place entrance).
  • There is a drop-Off area available in front of the venue.
  • Parking Spaces assigned for Persons with Disabilities are not available.
  • Private parking spaces are not available for the venue.
  • There is no staff member assigned to park the cars (Valet Service).
  • There is no disability toilet allocated for persons with disabilities.
  • There is no unisex toilet allocated for persons with disabilities.
  • There is no one compartment that is wide enough for wheelchair users.
  • There are no fixed grab bars around the toilet seat.
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    1 Ibrahim Pacha St., Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


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