"Even though there are many places to go to in Egypt, I can’t go to or even enter most of them.” Tarek Salem - Software Engineer Wheelchair User Helm started the “Ramp Project” Initiative in order to help more locations be accessible for persons with disabilities, especially the small stores that are essential for their everyday lives, such as: Pharmacies, Supermarkets, …etc. Through this Initiative, Helm has built ramps based on international standards and installed them in different locations which helped facilitate entering the location, especially for persons with physical disability. The Ramp Project has extended to reach multiple areas; including: Maadi, Heliopolis, Manial, and Downtown, and has managed to make more than 100 locations accessible for persons with disabilities. The “Ramp Project” Inititative is part of Entaleq Project, which is one of Helm’s Projects, in partnership with Vodafone Egypt Foundation. Now, a few months later, Helm has managed to have 100 Accessible Locations for Persons with Disabilities in Maadi, as a part of Entaleq Project. We have managed to reach this with the continuous help and support of our Volunteers who worked with us every step of the way; as well as the cooperation of the stores’ owners and employees who did everything required to ensure that their locations are accessible to Persons with Disabilities.

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